WholeView is a consultancy founded by Nancy Mensch Turett which specializes in thinking and approaches to empower generative leadership in a hyper-connected, health-vital world.

New Rules of Engagement

The new era of public engagement in health calls for organizations and brands to make deeper, more fluid, and open connections with their publics; to engage with individuals with cognizance of their multiple health stakes; and to influence personal, professional and policy decisions without seeking to control them.
— Nancy Turett, then Global President, Health, Edelman

We created the Edelman Health Engagement Barometer to guide the development of effective business strategies in the rapidly evolving public engagement environment for the health sector and others with business or product stakes in health. The only study of its kind, the Health Engagement Barometer takes a global look at the fundamentals of public engagement in health, how it is evolving, and how people want companies, organizations, brands and services involved in health to engage with them. 

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